Your Guide To A Profitable
Tea Business

Welcome! Come along on a wild ride to starting your own tea business. Whatever type you want to have, you’ve come to the right spot.

There are lots of ways to share your passion about tea. Whether it is opening a tea room, having a home based catering business, teaching classes on tea, or consulting, I have tips that will help you successfully start on your own path.

My name is Sally Jones. I wanted to open a tea room in Reno. I had no idea where to begin. I went to the internet and could not find any really good information. Most of the information I needed was for sale, but none of it was free. I didn't want to spend a lot of money until I really knew this was for me, so I was limited in the information available.

This site will give you free information on starting a tea busiess. Included is my business plan and ideas about all different types of tea businesses. I hope this will get you started on your way to establishing the tea business of your dreams!

I even tell you about all the mistakes I've made in my own quest to share my love and passion about tea, and how you can avoid them.

Best place to begin is with your own business plan. What is a business plan? Come along and I will guide you step by step in developing your own.

Looking for specific tea business information? There is lots of information here. You can search this site for the information you need. If you don’t find exactly what you need you can contact me and I will try to help you find it.

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Newest Tea Business Tips
Don't miss the newest articles and tips added to this site:
Starting A Tea Business
Starting a tea business can take many different forms other than a tea room.
Tea Business Plan
A tea business plan is critical when opening a tea room. It gives the parameters needed to efficiently and effectively get you started to maximizing your profits.
Business Cards
Your business cards can become an excellent marketing tool. Always have them available and make sure they are interesting, memorable, and not of a "cookie cutter" variety.
Tea Education
Tea education is important if you are going to open a tea business.
Opening A Tea Room
Opening a tea room involves research, dedication, and a passion for tea.
Starting A Tea Party Catering Business
Starting a tea party catering business is easy. Everybody loves tea parties. Why not cater it for them?!
A Tea Bar
How about opening a tea bar! It is less expensive than a tea room.
How about becoming a tea importer!
Home Parties
Home parties and sales presentations is another idea for a tea business.
Tea Instructor
A tea instructor that has a good tea education and is knowledgeable in tea history and tea production is often in demand.
Four important areas in starting a business are licenses and government regulations, taxes, financial areas and managing risk and legal structures.
Governmental Regulation Affecting Businesses
Governmental regulations affect your business and you should be familiar with them.
Tea Vendors
Tea vendors from around the world are listed here.
Kitchen equipment for a tea room is a major decision.
I used different tea party menus for each month.
Retailing Tea
Retailing tea is an alternative to a restaurant style tea shop.
Retail Store
If you are going to open a retail store for your tea business, here are a few guidelines to help you be successful.
Tea Curriculum for Victorian Tea Class
The tea curriculum for a Victorian Tea Class can include several topics.
Tea History
Tea history and production is very fascinating.
Everything Tea
Everything tea can be found on this page.
An Accounting System For a Small Business
An accounting system for your small business is a must.
Legal Structures of Businesses
Choosing the legal structure of your business is one of you first important steps
Managing Risk
Managing risk is easy with help from qualified advisors.
Women Owned Businesses
Women owned businesses. They want to own their own business and move from their jobs and be self-employed. The main reasons for this is control and flexibility, opportunity, and independence.
Tea Business Tips
Here are several tea business tips on opening a tea business.
Tea With God
Tea with God is like tea time with a friend.
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Out-of-Home Marketing
Out-of-home marketing used to be called "outdoor media."