The conclusion will include a feasibility statement and and action plan. In the feasibility statement you will explore why you think your business will be profitable. Why is your business going to succeed? How is your business different from others? You will also have an action plan. If it is a start up you will list what you are going to do--get permits, business license, insurance, equipment, loans, lease a building, health department permit and clases, etc.

Section 7. Conclusion

The Feasibility Statement

Why will you business be successful and profitable? Review your competition and explain why your business will be better, different, etc.

Action Plan

What are the next steps you will be taking? More training? Still looking for a location? Visit to wholesale market for decor? Still talking to vendors? Need to contact the Health Department? List everything you have left to do before you can open the door for business.

Take your time in writing your business plan. The conclusion will reflect all your hard research. You may, at this point in your feasibility study decide that this is not right for you. That is ok. That is why you write a business plan before you open a tea business. If you feel it will be successful, write your action plan and get busy!!

Section 2 Background Information The background information should include your Mission Statement, your business goals and objectives, and a general description of your business.

Section 3 Description of Products The description of products and services will include the features, benefits, and future of your proposed products and services.

Section 4 Management Structure and Organization The Management Structure and Organization section includes the form of ownership, personnel, organizational chart, and outside services and advisors.

Section 5 Marketing Plan The marketing plan includes market strategies, target markets, current and future trends, and marketing tactics.

Section 6 Financial Plan The financial plan section includes startup costs, cash flow projections, Sales and expenses estimates, and financial needs.

Business Plan A business plan is critical when opening a tea room and will help you to begin maximizing your profits. Keeping expenses down, especially startup costs, will give you extra cash later.

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