Starting a tea business can take many different forms other than a tea room. You can open a tea bar or have a homebased business. Starting a tea business isn't as hard as you think if you do the proper planning. You can have a home-based business with several options. Home-based business.

Tea is becoming very popular. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Now is the time to be starting a tea business and get into the tea trade. It is expected that the tea business will double in the next five years. In 2000 the tea business was $4.2 billion in sales. In 2010 it is expected to reach $10 billion. As you can see, starting a tea business now is going to increase as more and more people turn to tea. The potential earnings are there for you and your hard work!

Opening a tea bar is less expensive than starting a tea room. A tea bar would be in the same catagory as a Starbucks. You would have a tea selection with some basic food--scones, tea bread, crumpets, etc.--and possibly a gift corner with tea pots, cups and saucers, and tea accouterments. A tea bar has less restrictions than a tea room which in generally classified as a restaurant. It is less expensive to start a tea bar than open a tea room.

You tea business could be in-home sales and presentations. These are home parties where you could educate people about tea as well as sell tea and tea accouterments. You can offer your hostess percentage off for meeting sales quotas. You can offer future hostesses incentives to host a party in their own homes. Your imagination can run wild in this department. After all, we've all been to Tupperware parties, candle parties, kitchen parties, and clothing parties. You can use some of their ideas for lauching this type of tea business. One of your biggest selling points for this type of business is the health of drinking tea. This would be one of the main reasons people would host a tea presentation in their home.

If you like to speak to groups, you could talk on all aspects of tea. You topics could range from health benefits to history of tea to Victorian tea parties or to tea etiquette. There are many groups that would love to learn about tea. Tea is gaining in popularity and the tea business is forcast to double in the next five years. Start with your local church groups. Retirement homes, newcomers clubs, health care networks, local bookstores, libraries, schools, including home schools would all be interested in haveing tea talks. You can present classes at your local community college and/or university. The parks and recreation department holds summer classes and would love to have one to offer on tea. Also, local clubs, such as the Red Hat Society love to have speakers. I found that once they knew I gave tea talks, they all wanted to hire me.

Another idea for a tea business is leading tea tours. These can be tours of your local area or adjoining areas. You can work with travel organizations and set up tours across the United States as well as in foreign countries.

If you like to write, there are many publications that have guest authors. Or, you might want to write a book. Books about tea are just becoming popular. You could publish a book about tea rooms across your section of the country. You could gather recipes from tea rooms across your section of the country or across the United States. Tea rooms love to have this free publicity. You would need to contact a publisher to find out just what they would want to have.

Business Plan A business plan is critical when opening a tea room and will help you to begin maximizing your profits. Keeping expenses down, especially startup costs, will give you extra cash later.

Opening a Tea Room Opening a tea room involves research, dedication, and a passion for tea.

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