How about becoming a tea importer! You can have your own brand of tea. You can start this at home. You can sell tea under your customer’s brand name.

You could import your own tea or buy from a wholesaler. You could then resell this tea under your own brand name. You could wholesale your tea to gift shops, boutiques, spas, grocery stores, coffee bars, health food stores, tea rooms, or any other type of store.

The equipment needed to start would be a food sealer to vacuum seal your packages of tea.

Also, to get you started you would need paper supplies. You would need bags for repacking your teas for sale, stickers with your logo and other business information to put on the bags, mailing supplies, and other office supplies. A good place to design and order these is iPrint or Vistaprint.com.

To mail the tea you can use and print postage from your PC. Try Stamps.com today!. You can also use USPS.com.

Another option for mailing is Priority Mail. This is an economical version of fast shipping — it’s a day or two slower than overnight mail, but much cheaper (currently $3.85 for one pound). Packages sent this way usually arrive from one U.S. destination to another in two to three mail days.

One advantage to using Priority Mail to ship packages is that the Post Office will give you free Priority Mail boxes for shipping! They have a variety of box sizes, from very small to very large.

As your business grows you may think of adding a blending machine, vacuum system and a tea bag machine.

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